The Farm

Ice Cream

The Sweet Cone Shop is proud to exclusively serve the best in local, homemade Ice Cream from Dar's Delights! By being located right in Macedon our customers are ensured that they get the freshest ice cream on a weekly basis. We are happy to offer a variety of ice cream that you cannot get anywhere else!

Along with the hand scooped hard ice cream we also serve soft Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Soft Serve and Twist. There is definitely an ice cream flavor for everyone.

Specialty Items

Our ice cream is best served in a homemade waffle cone. We bake them fresh everyday! We have a few specialty sundaes and milk shakes that change each year. Not sure what to order when you visit? These unique treats will be sure to make you come back again.

In the Fall we feature Cider Donut Sundaes and cider slushies in the ice cream shop – a fall favorite that has people waiting in line. Also the most popular flavor of ice cream in the fall is Pumpkin with Caramel Apple as a close second….yum!

Ice Cream Cake

We also make the best ice cream cake around and you won’t be disappointed. Order an ice cream cake or ice cream pie for your next special event, - available in 7 inch, 9 inch, and 1/4 sheets. We'd be delighted to decorate one just for you!

PS – we also have mini ice cream cakes too! Perfect for 2 - or the one really hungry person in your household. What a treat!

Ice Cream Flavor Contest

Every year we have a - Create a Long Acre Flavor - of the year contest. Announced in June, Dairy Month, the winning flavor will be featured in the ice cream shop for the season. The winning flavor is judged on several criteria: taste, creativity in name and how marketable the flavor will be. Start creating now and you may be next year’s winner!

Past Winners:

2016 - Volcano Pointe

2015 - Super Nova Explosion 

2014 – Star Spangled Nights

2013 – Emerald City

2012 – Sweet Elvis Sandwich

2011 – Snicker Poodle

2010 – Bumble Bee