Little Picasso- ages 5-8

This painting class serves as a great introduction into the world of painting and art
- we use non-toxic and washable, acrylic paint to complete our pictures
- the kids will be painting on an 11x14 inch canvas
- painting helps encourages creativity and is a positive way for kids to "get their hands dirty"
- we will be learning important tools like 
                  1. how to hold a brush 
                  2. the difference between primary colors and secondary colors
                  3. how to mix paint to make different colors
                  4. the importance of shading and highlighting to make shapes appear 3D
                  5. how to make a smooth and effective brush stroke 
- painting also promotes the importance of individuality-- like kids, no two paintings are alike but they are all beautiful in their own way  
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July 29 2015

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1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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