Giant Slide

Feet first – down through the dark tunnel and into the light. A staff favorite. *Admission area


Giant Spiderweb

The itsy bitsy spider may trap you in her web. Have fun climbing around and getting tangled up in the Giant Spider web. *Admission area


Giant Jumping Pillow

What is there not to love about this giant pillow of fun!! Great exercise and it’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Great for all ages and bouncing abilities. *Admission area


Straw Jump

Move them, pile them, stack them and create your own world. *Admission area


Hoop Shoot

Are you the next Shaq? Shoot baskets and test your skills. *Admission area


Duck Races (Fall Only)

1, 2,3…GO! The duck races are a farm favorite and people of all ages can get in on the fun. *Admission area


Pipe Dreams

Tunnels and Pipes to crawl through and explore. *Admission area


Climbing Wall

Are you an American Ninja warrior? Try climbing or traversing our Rock wall and see if you have what it takes to climb Mt. Midoriyama. *Admission area


Kiddie Trike Track

Pump those little legs around the track and feel the wind in your hair. A great activity for your little ones. *Admission area



Not just for kids!! Build a castle, dig for treasures, get your hands dirty and dig in. *Admission area


Corn Maze

Two mazes twice the fun - the Amazing Maize Maze that has been running since 1998 and the Animal Tracks Maze since 2013. The maze you are looking at here IS actually a maze as well - can you find your way out?



This vineyard of Marquette grapes is used to produce a red wine sold in our winery - JD Wine Cellars



A favorite for all ages. Your never to old to swing!!



An oldie but a goodie- try to get the ball past your opponent and wrap the ball around the pole. Just when you think you have it – your opponent spikes it back and you start all over again!! *Admission area


The Great Pyramid

Climb, jump and get to the top to claim "King of the tractor mountain". *Admission area



Located in the back 40 (admission area)


Speedway (Fall only)

He goes to the right, you slide to the left and pass him on the inside, pump those legs and race him to the finish line. *Admission area


Red Party Barn

A rustic way to celebrate any event. Graduation Parties, Birthdays, Showers and more. Call for information.


Back Shack

Hungry or thirsty? Our back shack has cold drinks and treats for purchase. Located in the back 40.


Maze Entrance

This is where the fun begins!! You will receive instructions and your team flag here.


Sweet Cornelius Pirate Ship

Stand on the deck and take in the view. Corn, pumpkins and pirates of all shapes and sizes!


Logic Mazes

Tricky!! Can you find your way out?


Port a Potties'

Located in courtyard.


Goat Pen

Always a hit with the kids (get it?) We have baby goats with their mama’s and they are so cute! .25 cents to feed them so remember quarters.



Around for years…. great area for that perfect photo.



Located in the courtyard. Offers picnic tables and overhead shelter.


JD Winery

Red, White and 100% fruit Wines. Stop in for a taste.


Handwash Station

Located in courtyard near goat pen.


Ice Cream Shop

Pick up your favorite flavors of hand scooped ice cream made by DARS and soft serve ice cream from Upstate Farms. Many treats to choose from.


Farm Market

We carry Local produce, Salsa’s, Cheeses, gifts and so much more. Come in and try our homemade Fudge with over a dozen flavors to choose from.


Kettle Corn BBQ Area

Open during special events and fall weekends with all our farm favorites.


Cow Train (Fall Only)

On this ride you will wiggle and giggle through the corn field – a farm favorite.


Long Acre Express

All aboard our wooden train!! Let the kids climb in and on our wooden train to create adventures of their own.


Corn Cannon (Fall Only)

Ready, Aim, Fire – try your luck with the Corn Cannon. Hit the target and win a pumpkin!!


Gemming Stone Mining

Sift through your pan and find your treasure!! We offer Gem, Fossil and Emerald/Ruby bags. 3 size bags are for purchase.


Billy's Bumper Crop

Corn’s not the only thing we grow! See if you can find our crop of Bumpers on your hayride.


Hay Ride (Fall Only)

Relax for a few minutes and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of fall.



Located at the top of the gravel path. Purchase your Barnbuster tickets here.



Short, plump, thin or tall we have the perfect pumpkins for the fall. We also carry gourds, squash, corn stalks …you might even find a white pumpkin or two.

Farm Map