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JD Wine Cellars Wine List

Red Wines

Trilogy - 2010 vintage, a Meritage blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. MEDAL WINNER

Lemberger -dry, medium bodied, with a smooth dark chocolate finish. MEDAL WINNER; LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE

Cabernet Franc- 2010 vintage, dark berries with notes of toasted caramel, cocoa and pepper. MEDAL WINNER

Cabernet Sauvignon-(2010) – A dry red with mellow tannins and aromatic hints of dark berries and vanilla. It has a wonderfully smooth finish and pairs well with Pork, Game, and Cheeses (Asiago and Aged Cheddar). 2014 MEDAL WINNER

Marquette - This 2009 release is a medium bodied wine aged in French Oak for 9 months.  This is a deep ruby red wine with notes of cherry, plum and black current.  The light tannins make is an enjoyable wine to drink now. SOLD OUT

Mezclar (2010) – A wonderful blend of Cab. Franc, Cab. Sauv., Merlot and Syrah. This red wine has velvety smooth tannins and a pleasant lingering finish. It pairs well with BBQ and sharp aged cheeses.

Waggin Tail Red - Dry red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & DeChaunac.  Earthy bouquet with notes of Plum & Licorice.  Soft & Smooth mouth feel.  MEDAL WINNER  SOLD OUT

Noiret - 2009 vintage, Soft, smooth tannins.  Mellow and naturally sweet with a subtle dry finish.  A pleasant surprise.  A red wine that white wine drinkers will enjoy! MEDAL WINNER

Red Propeller - semi-sweet Cabernet Franc, slight oak finish. Great for both sweet and dry drinkers!  MEDAL WINNER

White Wines

Chardonnay- Un-oaked, full bodied with smooth flavors of green apples and pears; crisp refreshing finish.

Riesling-Dry- crisp Vinifera with a lemon-lime nose and a citrus dry finish. 2014 MEDAL WINNER

Riesling - Semi dry—a well balanced Vinifera with fruity nose and semi-dry finish.

Vidal Blanc - Refreshing, crisp tropical flavor, smooth finish. SOLD OUT

Lucky 13 - Cayuga White– delicate aromas with refreshing floral palate. Not too dry, nor too sweet. A wonderful house wine.

Traminette -a beautiful crisp white wine with a bold citrus flavor– nice long finish.  2014 MEDAL WINNER

Free Flight - sweet Diamond grapes bursting with flavor—great summer picnic wine. 2014 GOLD MEDAL WINNER

Morning Dew - Pinot Gris, semi dry, with notes of green apples and blossoms, smooth finish.

Fruit Wines

All of JD Wine Cellar's fruit wines are made with 100% whole fruit.

The Blue Note—
An unexpectedly dry, slightly oaked wine that will lead you to ask – is this really a fruit wine?

Blackberry Boogie -100% Blackberry with a fruity tart forward followed by a clean, surprisingly subtle dry blackberry finish. 2014 MEDAL WINNER

Rhythm & Bluesberry - blueberry flavor with velvety smooth taste and rich lingering finish

Raspberry Romp - LIMITED EDITION -  100% Raspberry Wine.  Full raspberry flavor with a subtle sweetness and natural tartness. --SOLD OUT

Cranberry Riff- delightful cranberry wine that starts sweet and ends with the distinct tart cranberry flavor.  A can't miss poultry pairing.  MEDAL WINNER

Jam Session-  An enticing blend of succulent strawberry, tart cranberry and crisp Cayuga white wine. MEDAL WINNER

Blush Wines

Charleen - Named after Joan's Mother as a surprise for her 80th Birthday.  Features Charleen, aka, Bunny's Senior picture on the label.  A balanced blend of Vidal Blanc, Diamond and Merlot.